Team B7037

The project, led by NC State professor Huiling Ding, is part of the NSF’s Convergence Accelerator Pilot program that supports multidisciplinary efforts to address issues of national importance.

The WE-RISE research team consists of the following NC State faculty members:

  • Huiling Ding, principal investigator, professor of English and director of NC State’s M.S. in Technical Communication program.
  • Min Chi, co-PI and associate professor of computer science.
  • Xiaolei Fang, co-PI and assistant professor of industrial and systems engineering.
  • Timothy Menzies, co-PI and professor of computer science.
  • Xipeng Shen, co-PI and professor of computer science.
  • Veljko Dubljevic, senior personnel and assistant professor of philosophy and science, technology, and society.
  • Yang Cheng, senior personnel and assistant professor of communication studies.


  • To connect workers with current/future jobs and training service providers
  • To assist workers with AI-driven credential gap diagnostics, personalized job and training recommendations, as well as modules of AI recruiting strategies and soft skills 

Phase I: To develop support for manufacturing workers to move up career ladders through job ad-resume matching, credential gap analysis, and personalized job/training recommendations. 

Phase II: To develop generalized infrastructure for workforce empowerment with three sectors as use testing cases. 

Core deliverables: Advanced NLP/ML for work data analytics; ready-to-use core modules; integrating currently disconnected ecosystems.