Artificial Intelligence (AI) threatens to reshape the way we live and work. Today’s job seekers face unprecedented challenges. Millions of American workers are using various online job search engines to locate employment. However, the lack of job skills, relevant experience, and available community resources can often compound the task.

Don’t struggle to identify the job(s) you are best qualified to perform. Use WE-RISE!

WE-RISE (Workforce Empowerment and Retraining through Internet of Solutions of Employment) is the first AI infrastructure that removes the interoperation barriers among workers, employers, trainers, and supporters in workforce development.

Available as a plugin to individual users, it brings free, one-stop-shop solutions: credential gap analysis and recommendations of job, training, and wrap-around services to millions of job seekers as they search for jobs using their favorite recruiting websites. WE-RISE will help alleviate unemployment caused by automation and the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

WE-RISE Materials


  • Please check out our pitch video for NSF Expo.


  • Please view the video below for more details of our Minimal Viable Product. This MVP was developed as a conceptual demo and more work is needed to develop data and backend codes to make it fully functional.